Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Well, I sure its no surprise to say this has been a very hard year for me. Losing a job is one thing but to lose a son is another. A person can only hold together so much. I've been taking each day as it comes - Hmm- lets say, each "moment" as it comes and its hard. Folks say to me it gets better, I'd like to know when. They forget that my son would have graduated College this Dec. and the holidays are approaching...

Just please patient with me as I go through this difficult time in my life. I know I should be posting for my company's sake but this is really on the bottom of my list for now. I'm just glad I have those of you to read and understand what its like to lose someone you loved very much and was so proud of and grateful you had them for the time you have. My sincere Thanks

I've been passing the time making some Stained Glass ornaments that I would love to share with you. GIFT TAG ANGELS -Can be hung on a small tree afterwards


  1. My heart goes out to you. I do not know what you have been through losing your son I can only imagine, and that is too horrible. Truly a mothers worst nightmare. I hope that you can bear the hurt by remembering his love. X

  2. Hi Alison,

    Thank you for your thoughtful words. I take each day and moment. I am hurting and I believe I will always but I must move on with everything things and I am trying. I thank God I can do stained glass to pass the time.
    Again, thank you ;)