Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi everyone,

Hoping you all had a good holiday and that you all have a wonderful year and will be happy.
I and my husband decided to get away from the house during Christmas. We decided to go to Florida for the weekend. It was peaceful, yet cold but at least I didn't see Christmas lights or things that would remind me of our son Mikey. I miss him terribly and I'm told as time goes by that I will feel better. As a mom I know I have changed. A huge part of me is gone forever but I shall move on and do the best that I can.
I've made a lot of items for Mikey's Cardiologist and her husband during the Christmas season. She sent me emails on my Etsy site, saying how beautiful the sun catchers were and that I have a gift. I was deeply honored by her emails especially coming from a professional like herself.
I am thinking of changing my blog. Not the look of it but how/what to type on it.
I would like your opinion as to what you would like to see on it such as comments/questions/giveaways, things in that nature. I quess Im asking you, what would you like to see that would improve this blog. Maybe I should start the first question: What made you join my blog? I'm not very good to this posting thing anyway but I would like to make it more interesting not only for me but for you ;)
Have a great week all!