Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Morning All

Good Morning Everyone and boy, I truly mean all 13 of you!
To be honest with you, I haven't noticed how many people I had on my blog until today. I hardly look at the #. The last time I actually Looked at it was maybe a month ago? At that time, I had a few, like 6 I think,so, I want to say Thank you for wanting to follow me. It makes me feel good to know that not only I have followers but that I am doing the right thing by making a blog for the shop and learning how to use the internet properly instead of just searching.
I can say now that I am enjoying Google Analytic because I've learned somewhat the basics of How to use it and I'm enjoying Etsy even though I am Still learning but got the hang of it so I am now feeling comfortable posting my stained glass items and chatting in the rooms. I've been meeting a lot of nice people in the rooms and admire their craft. The only thing I wish not (not yet anyway) is to get too personal about my life. There is a lot going on with my family right now (and what family isn't going through hell at this time) but Etsy and this blog is my escape from reality at times so again, my thank you for just being here.
Well, I have to finish with the gardens...more transplanting seedlings, fixing the cucumber vines so I'll be in the room sometime today. If your reading this now, thanks for letting me "vent" ;)
I wish you all a great Sunday ;)

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