Saturday, May 16, 2009

Etsy Technology Help

Good Morning All!

I sometimes go into Forums on Etsy to ask questions about things like the Google Analytic and such, so one day I had a question and a nice person replied but she had given me much more to read/understand/learn and I thought this again was a good opportunity to share the information with you.

Within this above blog, there was a site I fell upon and I was very interested in. Its a site and a good resource of how to find out who mentions your blog. You can track who mentions your blog in theirs. Pretty interesting huh? Who would have thought of something like this? Not me.
Internet has come a long way, that's for sure! I'm just happy there are folks like Magnet Games and Tim Adam that helps folks like me and you become knowledgeable in this fast pace computer world we live in! I love these computer kids! (Giving away my age ;) )
Magnet Games has a "donate" section to keep her site running. I'm thinking if I have some spare money, I'm going to give to her. Her site is well worth it in my eyes.
I'm glad to help you too by searching and posting, for you and for me. Under these economic times, we need to help each other out one way or another ;)

Have a great weekend all

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