Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shop is Open

Happy Saturday all,

Hoping all is doing well and your all selling your beautiful items! Just a fast update regarding my son. He's still at Emory but is Finally in his own room since yesterday. He's able to stand and take a couple of steps without feeling he can't breathe and he's eating much better. I'm hoping by tomorrow he'll be out but another part of me wants to make he's ok to do that so stay. Two weeks in the hospital has drained my whole family and I sure need a good nights sleep.

Again, thank you for the thoughtful wishes and prayers. They really helped me get through the day.


Deb's Pane In The Glass is open for business now. I will be checking it throughout the days to see if anyone convo's me or is interested in anything. My son has his laptop with him so that is how I check the shop. I added a new suncatcher in the shop the other day. Santa Moon.

Have a great weekend everyone and I'll see you soon in the rooms,

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