Friday, June 12, 2009

Have a Great Weekend All ;)

If I don't see you over the weekend, may you all have a wonderful weekend.

My future Daughter in law is coming up as I type this, with my grandson.
Did I ever mention I was a grandmother? Johnathan is 6yrs old and full of life! Very smart for his age, thanks to his mother, Michelle, who is always teaching him about the world around him. What 6yr old knows science or planets or geometric shapes? I'm very proud of him, thats for sure.

I also want to take this time to welcome all the new folks who have joined my blog! (waving)

If you scroll down on the left hand side of my blog, you will see information I have learned. Two people who are very popular on Etsy is MagnetGames and Tim Adams. Both are sellers on Etsy but contribute a lot of their time teaching us how to use Etsy or Google Analytics and just how to brand/market our wares.

I want to also inform any of you who are new to Etsy, to please familiarize yourself with the Forums. There is a wealth of information provided for you. Etsy bends over backwards for us so take advantage of it.
Also, if you go to the Community Section, under Virtual Labs, there you will see dates/times for Critiquing or if you want to learn how to make something, check there too.
I met a person today (dang if I can't remember her whole shop name) who is part of the Sassy Team (which means: Sellers Assisting Sellers). Hmm, BuggaLove I believe it was. (I'll have to type it and see what comes up) Anyway, she mentioned that she helps out with Etsy newbies and posted her team which also has valuable information for all of us. See? Everyone wants to help, including me in my own little way ;) As I learn, I'll pass my information to you.

Ok all, again, you have a great weekend and if you see me in the chat rooms, give me a holla ;)


  1. Hey! I found you through a different thread.
    Johnathan sounds fun...can't wait til we get the grandbabies!

    thanks for posting this info! Being new to etsy, blogging, etc this is great info... I need any bit of advice, help, info I can get or can be given haha

    hope you can take a peek at my blog and shop. if ya do, please leave a comment so I know (it's so fun to see new comments)

    Once I get real comfortable with working etsy, and blogging, I'm going to look into facebook fans

    oh, love your bio :o) my hubby of 27+ years is a 4th generation born in Hawaii Portagee (Portuguese), but with family in CA and MA... but people think he is an Italian (last name's Botelho) from Joisey.. all. the. time heehee and they look at me and think I'm the one from Hawaii-Love it!

  2. Ha! Ha! I thought so too when I seen your family pics lol

    Good meeting you and your very welcome with the information I post on here. It took me a while to get use to not only Etsy, but the whole thing regarding selling, networking, marketing etc. but I also found wonderful folks that enjoy helping others so thats why I post them. I'm grateful to them.
    Talk to you soon!

  3. aww, thanks for mentioning me! very much appreciated.